Our History 

Widmark Farms had honey, bees, and bears! Our bears were some busy beasts and we were very proud of them. Two American black bears, Bo and Objee, were members of the Widmark family for over 20 years. Both bears were involved in countless events in their lifetime. They rafted whitewater, travelled on rail cars, and even rode the chair lift up Holiday Mountain with the skiers.

"Bo" opened the Empire State Games in Lake Placid, NY for many years welcoming the more than 7,000 athletic contestants on the ice in the Olympic Arena in the largest amateur sports event in the nation. "Objee", which was short for Objectionable, was the last official live mascot for the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT.

Our farm contained numerous activities and attractions for every type of person. We kept many different breeds of farm animals. From sheep, to goats, and back to chickens, Widmark Farms had extensive collection of animals for people to pet and hand feed.

Many times people who were lucky enough to arrive at the right time were treated to a taste of real farm life. Sheep shearing and lamb feeding were just some of the events that helped to add to the experience of the farm.
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